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How to Squeeze the Most Response from Your List of Leads
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How to Squeeze the Most Response from Your List of Leads

From the Desk of Dave Schaaf

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I'm delighted to see you've discovered the real estate investing industry's powerful little secret ;) Handwritten Direct Mail!

It's 2019, we are on the verge of the artificial intelligence revolution, yet direct mail is thriving and incredibly effective at reaching motivated sellers. 

Our hand-addressed and handwritten yellow letters can elicit a response that other marketing strategies only dream of. But did you know there's a way to get an even better return on your investment?!

Our best customers close deals consistently because they've learned how to maximize the response from their prospects with this direct mail strategy. It can be the difference between a dud mailing list and finding that diamond in the rough.
INTRODUCING: Multitouch Direct Mail Campaigns
FACT: Multitouch Handwritten Campaigns Can Improve The Results of Your Direct Mail While Lowering The Costs Per Letter
So What Exactly is a Multitouch Campaign?
A multitouch campaign is a direct mail strategy that leverages the power of brand recognition, consistency, and variety to capture the attention of your prospects.

When you have a quality list and a powerful offer, a multitouch campaign is the surest way to maximize your ROI. At a minimum, a multitouch campaign is sent 3-4 times to your list in a variety of mailing formats, e.g.

For example, you might go with the following:
  • Touch 1: A white letter with hand signed post-it note
  • [ Wait 2 weeks ] 
  • Touch 2: A yellow postcard
  • [ Wait 2 weeks ] 
  • Touch 3: A white letter with a branded letterhead 
  • [ Wait 2 weeks ]
  • Touch 4: A yellow letter in hand addressed envelope
  • [ Wait 2 weeks ]
  • Touch 5: A Final Notice postcard
Time is on your side with multitouch mail campaigns
Reaching out multiple times helps establish your brand with your prospect and ensure they understand the seriousness of your message. 

When they are ready to sell you’ve moved your name to the top of their list.
NOTE: With Yellow Letters Complete, you never have to worry about scrubbing your list, removing opt-outs, managing and scheduling your multitouch campaigns. 

Our "white-glove" service always takes care of these details. Every time. Never an extra charge.
Are you ready to setup your first multitouch campaign?
CASESTUDY: How a Newbie Real Estate Investor Gets a 26.5% ROI on Multitouch Campaigns By Finance Offers to Probate Leads...
Frequently Asked Questions
How can a multitouch campaign lower my cost per letter?
When you plan two or more rounds of letters in your multitouch campaign, not only will you see a better response from your list, we also discount your subsequent letters up to 10%. 

We save you time, money, and headaches managing the campaign too-- we handle removals, scheduling and scrubbing all included -- no extra fees. 

Put your marketing on "set it and forget it" mode until we send you a complimentary seed letter each time we mail out for you.
What type of leads should I use for a multitouch campaign?
When you have high quality leads, you shouldn't leave it up to chance to get their attention. Probate leads, high equity leads, divorce leads, or any targeted list will benefit from a multitouch campaign. If you need a mailing list we can also provide one for you.
What's the ideal timing for multitouch campaigns?
There are a few different ways to go about this. Depending on how aggressive you want to be, you'll probably space your campaigns between 2 and 4 weeks.  Schedule a free consultation and we can give you guidance on your situation.
What types of direct mail should I send?
Your multitouch campaign is a chance to build a brand with people on your mailing list. Your foundation is the truly hand-addressed letter. 

This personalized approach reaches people who otherwise wouldn't read your message. Mix letters and postcards together over time build a recognizable brand that your recipient will remember when they are ready to make that call.
How do I keep track of campaign stages and timeline?
For your benefit, Yellow Letters Complete will keep track of the times, scheduling and scrubbing of your lists when managing your multitouch campaign. You never have to worry about this. We ALWAYS are willing to manage the entire campaign. (No extra charge)

Have more questions? 

Schedule your free campaign consultation to learn more. 
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